3 -personalities of mountain town professionals that translate to career success

(Photo credit: Holly Mandarich)

It’s cliche at this point to encourage job seekers to find ways to “stand out” or “differentiate” themselves while on the hunt for the next opportunity. These three personal brand angles are plentiful among professionals living in mountain towns and exemplify qualities that translate to successful careers:

The Enthusiastic Storyteller

Are you a peakbagger with a laundry list of Colorado’s 14ers under your belt? Do you take a daily dip in Lake Tahoe’s notoriously icey waters? The stories one can write while living in a mountain town almost write themselves. Getting out into the wild does wonders for a person’s soul, and also for a person’s arsenal of fun facts. The memories and experiences that frequent mountain town living can showcase talents, interests, and most importantly passions. Express how you will bring the same level of enthusiasm to work every day when gunning for that dream job.

The Motivated Chameleon  

Adaptability and motivation are essential skills for surviving today’s ever-changing professional climate. When it comes to living in a mountain town, robotic lifestyles are far from the norm. Just in one mountain-based weekend, you can: ski, hike, backpack, bike, paddle, swim, climb, four-wheel, and runn. Professionals living in the mountains enjoy four seasons of recreational opportunities, and many take advantage of all the activities their body and bank can handle. This versatile lifestyle requires planning, organizing gear and motivation, which are all important to showcase to your future employer.  

The Persistent Warrior 

Speaking of weekend warriors, mountain town professionals have to wield a dynamic set of problem-solving skills. Did the winter weather dump 5 feet of snow last night? The driveway must be dug out to get the kids to school. Did an exposed rockface gash a mountain bike tire on a trail at 8,000 feet of elevation? That tire must be fixed in order to make it home. Roll an ankle hiking miles off the grid? Well, sheer persistence and fortitude are the only ways to get back to the car. These instances of persistence and grit may be daunting predicaments to most, but to mountain town folks, they’re consequences of normal life. Stresses of work pale in comparison. 

Combining the soft skills of these three prominent mountain town personalities  with any host of hard skills can lead to professional success.

Think of all the ways to wield the powers of storytelling to advance one’s mission, or how motivation and adaptability can help maintain focus on the end goal of a project, or how persistence and fortitude can find opportunity in the face of adversity.

The Mountain Careers job board is chock-full of opportunities looking for the storytellers, chameleons, and warriors yearning to build these personal brands in the mountains. 

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