4 Hidden Perks of Living in the Mountains

Photo @sergiuig

While many companies in urban areas provide catered lunches, free booze, and ping pong tables, these hardly hold a candle to the natural benefits offered by mountain town living. Here are 4 perks of mountain careers that can’t be found at most run-of-the-mill corporate experiences:

If it’s meant to be, it starts with me

This sentiment conveys the sheer opportunity to influence within a mountain town community. Usually tight-knit and cordial, citizens building mountain careers are not just making their individual lives happen, but they’re contributing to the cells of a community that make others’ lives happen too. Want to spread artistic expression? Local art centers are some of the most vibrant and eclectic sectors of mountain town communities. Want to influence public policy? The local government consists of your neighbors, friends, and colleagues and is more accessible than that of a big city. Want to give back to the community? Your philanthropic efforts have strong chances to directly translate at the local level. In general, if you want to get involved, mountain town communities offer the best opportunities to do so. 

Fresh air fund

Whether you walk, bike, run, kayak, or simply drive to work, you get to do so in the crisp, fresh mountain air that can’t be found in concrete jungles. There is considerably less pollution – to the sky, to the starlight, to the rivers and lakes and meadows and vistas. This air is fresh, free, and peaceful. You can withdraw from this bank all day, every day. It’s energizing, revitalizing, and stimulating. It can replace an extra pot of coffee, and even replenish a poor night’s sleep. It softens the blow of common stressors experienced at work by bringing serenity amidst the chaos. Now, compare that to a busy corner of a four-way, four-lane intersection at the base of skyscrapers… Not the same air, not the same return on investment. The commute just hits different in mountain towns. It’s literally science

Powder days

So many mountain townies subscribe to the powder day rule, or what are basically excused absences from work or school when there is a fresh pile of snow powder on the nearby slopes. The essence of powder days signifies more than just taking advantage of untouched lines though.. There’s ceremony to the concept, and this is powerful for anyone regardless of age or background. There’s a shared and respected commitment to fitness, to fun, and to flexibility – all influential tools to a well-rounded life. It’s motivating in so many ways. Wouldn’t you like to know that after cranking out a good day’s work that an incoming storm is en route to reward you with some more of that fresh mountain air?

Live like a local

Ever seen this phrase when traveling through a classic vacation destination? Whether it’s a placard hanging on the wall at a bed and breakfast or an ad selling a “local” experience on VRBO, the chance to see a moose on a Monday or go hiking at 10 am are the exceptions, not the norms. This usually amounts to burning through the PTO bank that’s taken years to build up just to have a 4 night foray in the mountains. Those building mountain careers live in many of the places where others vacation. Another’s treat is a mountain town professional’s Monday afternoon. Imagine living in the places that you’ve favorited in your “mountain life” list on Airbnb. The opportunity to integrate vacation tactics – like adventuring, sports, memory-making, and relaxation – into everyday life is so plentiful in mountain towns. Why work 50 weeks waiting for a maximum of 2 weeks to enjoy your favorite mountain town activities when you can experience these year-round while building your mountain career? 

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