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Mountain Careers partnered with Aspen Skiing Company to support your dreams of living in the mountains. Scroll our notes below for the best tips and stories we uncovered.

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Real people. Real success.

Learn how these mountain town champs overcame the challenges and beat the odds. With advice so you can do the same!


Vicky Huergo, Ski Patroller

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Armon Rahbar, Director Engineering

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Matt Fersch, Talent Acquisition and Ski Instructor

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5 Ways Aspen Skiing Company Provides Advice for Finding the Right Career

Learn how they can help you in your career.

Key insights about mountain life.

Start saving money

Many people move to the mountains planning to stay just one season. But with so many opportunities to make it your home / career almost everyone we spoke with wishes they started saving early to weather the storms or the off season.

Invest time into friends and community

The mountains can be isolating. Creating a network and friends to support you is critical to surviving the challenges. Join clubs, volunteer, work at the resort and get involved in any way that you can.

Talk to people about your career

You may have moved to the mountains without a plan or you may have clear goals outlined.  Either way, to advance your career it's important to learn from those around you and be open to sharing your career goals. People will be happy to help you reach your goals.

Redefine success for yourself

We heard from many that happiness is a key measure of success in the mountains. This is defined by different aspects--feeling your best, work-life balance, lifestyle, friends and family, community, new experiences, professional goals and a sense of accomplishment.


Finding the right job can be hard.

ASC is the Roaring Fork valley’s largest employer and is regularly voted as one of Colorado’s best places to work.  They hire thousands of people a year. Let's hear what advice they might have for job seekers.