Career Mapping For Mountain Professionals

LIVE! Virtual Event Series – 4 Sessions led by inspiring outdoor industry guides and coaches (Watch the recordings)

4 x 1 hour sessions to inspire and provide you the framework to move mountains in your own life.  Join one session or all four sessions.

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Event Details

Maybe you’ve been ready to pursue a career change for a long time, or perhaps recent events have shifted your course — this 4 part series is designed to give you perspective and tools for moving forward.

Led by inspiring outdoor industry guides and coaches from SendlineWindroseMountain Careers and Restorative Adventures, each workshop will feature a different facilitator to help  you discover what’s important to you and how to incorporate this into your career.

This summit is not a webinar! Bring a drink, relax, and join the conversation. Our approach is designed for building community and learning from one another, especially as we navigate our present and future together.

Course Descriptions

Session 1: Design your personal mission + vision (April 20 5:30 – 6:30pm MST)

Details: These aren’t statements. They’re real. They’re simple. They’re guides. Your mission is your How. How to be intentional, focused, inspiring. We’ll go over a few straightforward principles for creating a powerful mission. The vision is your What. What is it you want to achieve? Having a clear vision for your future can be incredibly motivating. We’ll work through how to craft one that taps into your emotions and inspires you to go after it.

Session 2:  Dream big and be bold about your future (April 23 5:30 – 6:30pm MST)

Details: More often than not, what holds us back from going after what we want originates in fear. Our fears tend to do the most long term damage when they are out of our line of sight, so bringing them into view allows for us to have choice. This talk will provide an understanding for how to identify and release fear, tools to create your own personal definition of success and happiness, and a systematic approach for navigating your career path and making bold moves.

Session 3: Develop goals and map your career (April 27 5:30 – 6:30pm MST)

Details: We will take actionable steps to outline career goals and open up what is possible going forward. Along the way providing you with tips and the framework to make progress and network to open doors in the future. You can expect to leave with:  goals, actionable steps and new ideas for your career. Whether your goals  are big or small you will leave inspired for your future.

Session 4: Staying Motivated and self connected (April 30 5:30 – 6:30pm MST)

Details: In uncertain times it can be hard to know what to do or when to do it.. We can get immobilized with anxiety or fear.. OR we can overdo it in one area and neglect others areas

1. Understanding the difference between feeling challenged (in a positive way) and feeling overwhelmed

2. Learning to make goals and 2 hacks to follow through

3. A special invitation to a weekly coaching group

Meet your coaches….

Thom is an outdoor industry leader–turned–professional coach. He wanted a cool environment for small groups to learn from one another. So he founded Sendline. We’re all about a low–polish, straightforward, casual approach. During our events, we talk about the reality of becoming a leader, managing a team, and navigating our careers.

Greer is an influential coach and speaker, with a comprehensive background both in the business world and emotional health arena. She has a Masters in Counseling Psychology and is an iPEC Core Energy Coach, guiding and coaching from the inside out. She is a strong advocate for empowering individuals to discover their truths so that they can be fearless leaders. Her company, Windrose, provides specialized individual and organizational transition coaching and mentoring, helping people navigate and lead through change in an authentic way.

Aryn is the founder of Mountain Careers, HR Deputy Director of Eagle County Government and community collaborator.  In 2015 Aryn founded Mountain Careers, the #1 mountain town job board, to help professionals, who love the outdoors, find their dream jobs in the mountains.  Aryn’s background is in HR and Recruiting where she has spent 15 + years  studying employment trends while coaching employees and job seekers to find success.

Micah is passionate about helping people achieve optimal human performance in all areas of their lives otherwise known as the concept of peak performance, or flow state. Micah’s background in working with at-risk youth in residential and wilderness settings lead him to build his career in Neurofeedback and Neuromodulation that he applies to develop tactics that support optimal human performance. In addition to being board certified in Neurofeedback, he holds a master’s degree in Wilderness Therapy and is constantly researching more effective ways to support people to live their best possible lives.