A happy professional is a productive professional

The evidence is nearly objective at this point that play and various forms of fitness are good for humans. All four seasons in the mountains provide a seemingly endless array of activities and your everyday mountain townie takes full advantage of this array, well, every day. From simply getting outside to breathe the crisp mountain air, to hucking down a rockface on a mountain bike, the mountains have something for everyone. No matter your fancy, here are 4 ways that outdoor recreation can help you hone your professional skills:

Play is potent

A popular movie filmed in a mountain town – at the Stanley Hotel in Estes, CO – popularized the phrase, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Well, Jack Nicholson’s character in The Shining, while dramatic and sinister, makes a valid point. A life without fun is, well, no fun. Mountain town professionals do not have this problem because just simply being outside in the mountains, surrounded by amazing views and full of upbeat energy, is fun in and of itself. Everyone plays in the snow in one way or another. It’s common to pick up a sport. Adventures are always just around the corner, literally and figuratively. Play soothes the soul and can be key for stress management and overall wellbeing. A happy professional is a productive professional.   

Discipline, focus, persistence

Let’s say you’re going on an afternoon hike. You need a daypack with sufficient water, snacks, and spare clothing. You need a game plan for where you’re going, how long it’ll take to get there and back, and how long you’ll be out and about. Once on your excursion, you need awareness of your surroundings to stay on course while also watching your step along the way. Your fitness, patience, and poise will be tested. All in all, it’ll take some intentional effort to have yourself a fun day. And that’s the best part; it’s gratifying because it makes you work for it.. Now remove “afternoon hike” from this hypothetical scenario, and insert “raise money for my startup,” or “find that dream job in the mountains,” and the same discipline, focus, and persistence apply. 

Disconnect to reconnect

Outdoor activities can push people outside of their comfort zones, and that can be incredibly therapeutic for many. Getting outside not only supplements a person’s external environment, but also revitalizes the internal environment too. Cellphones, social media, email, and to-do lists don’t carry as much weight when you’re walking through a thicket of Aspens, or when you’re riding a bike on a winding forest road, or when you’re floating down a river in a tube. Disconnecting from devices and from work can be uncomfortable for some, but it’s so very necessary to bring the body, mind, and spirit back to balance. 

Teamwork makes the dream work

One of the best parts of mountain town life is the community, and rest assured knowing that most mountain town communities share a common ethos centered on recreation. Parents often play just as much – if not more – than the kids do, and this creates an incredible sense of camaraderie and companionship. Need hiking buddies? Want to learn how to climb? Want to find a hot spring to wade into? Your team awaits you in mountain town. Through this community building, you will find people who will teach you, connect you, push you, and support you. 

With benefits like these, staying home and binge-watching Netflix doesn’t seem too attractive now, does it? If you’re ready to step into this lifestyle, our Job Board is chock-full of exciting opportunities in the mountains. Check it out!