Community Affairs Officer / Evidence & Records Management Admin

Salary: Hiring Range: $29.33-$35.19. The maximum pay for this position is $41.06.
Job Type: Full Time
Location: Vail Valley, CO
Publish Date: Posted August 21, 2023
Applications have closed

Hiring Range: $29.33-$35.19. The maximum pay for this position is $41.06.

Serves as an informational resource between the community, guests, partners, and local law enforcement to increase awareness, transparency, and participation in prevention and safety campaigns. Plans and implements events with community partners, staff, and volunteers to advance the mission, vision, and values of the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office. Provides administrative support for all Sheriff’s Office staff and enforcement teams. This position will also take the role of an Admin tech for Evidence and Record Management. It will vary from day to day and flexibility is necessary. 

Schedule: Monday- Friday 8AM-5PM. This person is responsible for working a variety of hours which includes being on-call and available for events, emergency call-outs, and media issues.

Applicants are encouraged to apply by Thursday, September 21st, however, this position will remain posted until filled.

Eagle County Sheriffs Office Mission, Vision and Values:

“To serve the people of Eagle County by promoting and maintaining a sense of peace and cooperation throughout our community and improving the quality of life through excellence.”

Essential Duties

Duties as a Community Affairs Officer…

  • Observes safety and security procedures, uses equipment and materials safely and reports potentially unsafe conditions.
  • Serves the community by demonstrating Eagle County Government’s mission and core values and following relevant policies and procedures.
  • Organizes community outreach programs, plans, coordinates, and executes special events and public appearances to foster transparency with public opinion, promote safety, and the immediate welfare of the citizens and guests in Eagle County.
  • Responsible for the dissemination of information concerning the safety and immediate welfare of the citizens of Eagle County, as well as any information that may be of public interest, preparedness, or safety.
  • Represents the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office agency as a whole in the shared duties of a Public Information Officer (PIO).

Assists as Public Information Officer:

  • As a PIO, create and enable clear and concise communication between a government agency and both news media outlets and the general public, promoting a positive public image with statements released to the press and the community following government guidelines, being completely accurate and adhering to official policy or laws. To include but not limited to the following areas:
    • Planning and hosting press conferences to announce major news or address crises.
    • Preparing press releases, speeches, articles, social media posts, and other materials for public consumption.
    • Developing strategies and procedures for working effectively with the media.
    • Maintaining good working relationships with media organizations.
    • Collaborating with executive management and the marketing team to ensure a cohesive public image.
    • Working with various teams to organize and host public events and promotions.
    • Speaking directly to the public or media to address questions and represent the organization.

As a Social Media/Website Manager:

  • Responsible for overseeing interactions between the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office and the community by implementing existing social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) with content strategies.
    • Regularly analyzes engagement data, identifies trends in community interactions, and plans digital campaigns for daily content creation around safety/preparedness initiatives, community relations, and engagement.
    • Interacting with and responding to direct messages and inquiries across all social media accounts.
    • Desiminates public safety information accurately and in a timely manner across multiple platforms.
    • Manage and maintain all Sheriff’s Office website, and social media applications, programs, and updates.

Coordinator for the Eagle County Crime Stoppers civilian board.

  • Serves as the Law Enforcement coordinator to help coordinate crime information among law enforcement and partner agencies throughout Eagle County.
  • Maintains all P3 tipster software and programs to encourage the reporting of anonymous crime tips which may lead to the solvability of crime.
  • Maintains funding and annual grant writing as required to help provide funding for annual expenses and programs.
  • Provide administrative support for the Sheriff’s Office front office staff and maintain knowledge of all procedures.

Duties as a Evidence / Records Management Admin…


  • Preserve the condition of property or evidence at time of submission, after being collected from crime scenes, turned in as found property, or submitted for safekeeping
  • Prepare and maintain records of daily evidence activities in accordance with departmental policies and procedures.
  • Ensure the chain of custody for property and evidence is properly documented in paper and computer records and periodically verify the inventory of property and evidence against written records.
  • Understand federal, state and departmental guidelines to make decisions regarding items on a case-by-case basis and to effectively respond to inquiries or requests regarding evidence.
  • Prepare evidence, or copies of evidence, as needed by attorneys, officers or others who are allowed access, while ensuring the integrity and documentation of the evidence as ownership is transferred.
  • Regularly purge property and evidence that is ready for destruction or return to owners, to effectively utilize storage space, adhere to laws and guidelines, and minimize the number of items for which the Sheriff’s Office is responsible.
  • Communicate effectively with officers to ensure efficiency in the tracking of evidence, disposition of cases, and the release/destruction of items.
  • Communicate with evidence/property owners regarding evidence release by written notification or other documented contact.
  • Maintain a clean work environment, by use of cleaning supplies, to ensure appropriate health safety standards in the workspace.

Records Management

  • Proofread, for accuracy and completeness of all narrative police reports from written and electronic copy. Provides accurate and complete discovery to the District Attorney’s Office, to include but not limited to, case reports, DVD’s, audios and photos.
  • Responds to inquiries pertaining to Colorado Open Records Law, policies, rules, regulations, and procedures governing the release of criminal offender information, Official Law Enforcement Actions and; releases records to the public and other criminal justice agencies as directed by Laws and Statutes.
  • Provides assistance to citizens, to include receiving requests for police records release, fingerprinting individuals for employment, state and county licenses, and permits.
  • Processes automated fingerprint responses and disseminates those responses to the appropriate agencies.
  • Reviews for complete and accurate information, and communicates with Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as needed.
  • Processes DUI reports, maintains statistical logs and forwards appropriate documents to the Department of Revenue (DOR).
  • Seals and purges records in compliance with Court orders and State Statutes. Has a complete understanding of records storage, retrieval & retention using the
  • Underground Vaults & Storage (UV&S) system.
  • Codes crime reports using National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) standards, which includes offense, victim and property codes.

Emergency Support Functions

Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Support: May serve in an EOC Operations Center support role during an emergency. Works various shifts to support the EOC and their designated Emergency Support Function during an emergency. Participates in training and preparedness activities as directed by the Emergency Manager.


Education, Experience, Licensure, Certification, or Registration:

  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Valid State Driver’s License and a satisfactory motor vehicle record.
  • NCIC/CCIC Certification preferred.
  • CORA (Colorado Open Records Act) preferred
  • Colorado Public Notary Certification is preferred but will be required to obtain within 6 months of hire date.
  • Associate’s degree or continuing education in Administration, Communications, Marketing, Public Relations, or related field from an accredited college or university preferred.
  • Three years of responsible experience in law enforcement or related field, or any equivalent combination of training and experience which provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities.
  • Must be able to successfully complete a polygraph test, psychological exam, fitness test, physical, drug screen and detailed background investigation.
  • Must not have used illegal drugs within the past 3 years or marijuana within the past 1 year.
  • Must not have been convicted of any felonies or any acts involving domestic violence.

Licensure, Certification, or Registration:

Preferred training and certifications to support EOC (Emergency Operations Center) functions:

  • IS – 700 (NIMS Introduction)
  • ICS – 100 (Introduction to ICS)
  • ICS – 200 (Basic ICS for Initial Response)
  • ICS – 300 (Intermediate ICS for Expanding Incidents)
  • ICS – 400 (Advanced ICS)

Preferred training and certifications to support PIO (Public Information Officer) role:

  • G290 Basic Public Information Officer
  • G291 Joint Information Center
  • G191 ICS Emergency Operations Center Interface

Preferred training and certifications to support government Social Media applications:

  • PER-304 (Social Media for Disaster Response)
  • PER-344 (Social Media Tools & Techniques)
  • PER-343 (Social Media Engagement Strategies)

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Proficient in Google, Microsoft Office, G Suite, Social Media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), desktop and mobile devices with related programs, software, and office equipment.
  • Ability to demonstrate creativity, originality, and innovation in the workplace.
  • Demonstrating drive and commitment to work.
  • Takes ownership and responsibility for decisions and actions.
  • Ability to work effectively in teams and to build collaborative relationships with others.
  • Achieves goals and produces high-quality results in a timely manner.
  • Provides excellent customer service, both internally and externally in a tactful, clear, and courteous manner while striving to exceed customer expectations; remains calm and focused in stressful and sometimes challenging situations.
  • Is aware of, responds to, and considers the needs, feelings, and capabilities of a diverse array of others as well as oneself. Superior interpersonal skills and ability to work extremely well as part of a team.
  • Ability to express ideas and information clearly and concisely in a manner appropriate to the audience both verbally and in writing. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to speak publicly and facilitate discussions to gain consensus.
  • Identifies needs, arranges for, and obtains resources needed to accomplish own and agency goals and objectives in a timely manner.
  • Ability to effectively plan, organize and prioritize work.
  • Demonstrates personal integrity, responsibility, and accountability. Ability to work well under pressure and manage sensitive or controversial subjects and documents with tact, kindness, and professionalism.
  • Modifies own behavior and work activities in response to new information, changing conditions, weather, or unexpected obstacles.
  • Identifies what needs to be done and takes action before being asked or the situation requires it.
  • Able to switch gears between tasks quickly and work with interruptions.
  • Able to successfully balance multiple priorities, projects, and deadlines.
  • Ability to stay current with new technologies and learn how to use them.
  • Planning ahead, managing time well, being on time, being cost-conscious, thinking of better ways to do things.
  • Being receptive to feedback, willing to learn, embracing continuous improvement.

Culture & Benefits

Working in local government is one of the best career paths in the mountains. ‘Your Career will Soar with Eagle County’. Get started with us today!

  • Why is Eagle County recognized as a Best Place to Work in 2022? Culture of flexibility and support for mental health / wellness. Check out more awards here.
  • Purpose! A modern, values-driven workplace with more than 550 employees embracing a welcoming culture, supportive leaders and an organization focused on our mission: Creating a Better Eagle County for All. 
  • Learning organization focused on professional development opportunities, FREE CMC classes and Tuition reimbursement. 
  • Future focused with our Strategic Plan on improving housing, climate change and more.
  • As a certified healthy workplace, our culture recognizes the importance of individual needs and enjoying life outside of work. Other perks may include flexible work arrangements, paid volunteer time, and daytime fitness classes/bike rides.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The County is committed to fostering, cultivating and preserving a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion. We strive for a healthy and prosperous community that promotes all people having equitable access and opportunity. This starts with our internal practices and work. All employees of the County have a responsibility to treat others with dignity and respect at all times. All employees are expected to exhibit conduct that reflects inclusion during work, at work functions on or off the work site, and at all other County-sponsored and participative events

Great benefits! See the details

  • Comprehensive and low-cost medical, dental, and vision insurance (as low as $75/month for employee only)
  • Wellness program where you can earn cash or extra days off
  • 12 paid holidays
  • Paid time off (starting at 12 days) and additional medical leave 
  • Paid volunteer hours
  • 6% (dollar-for-dollar match) retirement plan
  • Free classes at Colorado Mountain College
  • Eagle County University classes (internal trainings) 
  • Tuition reimbursement programs
  • Bilingual Pay Incentive
  • Free bus pass and more

Eagle County is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. Working in a diverse, respectful and inclusive environment is essential for our employees to be successful in serving our community. We do not discriminate with regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, genetics, national origin, disability, veteran status or any other legally protected status. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable qualified individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of this position.

Relocation & Housing Information

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