Administrative Services Manager – $25 – $35

Salary: $25 - $35 depending on experience
Job Type: Full Time
Location: Vail Valley, CO
Publish Date: Posted July 28, 2022
Applications have closed

Please include a resume and cover letter.

Our goal is to find someone who can settle into this position. Our company is regularly seeking and taking on new opportunities, so the position will evolve as the company does, and we hope to find someone that is committed to taking on this role long-term.

Job Summary:

The Administrative Services Manager does not reside in any one department of the company, in fact, quite the opposite.  The Administrative Services Manager is the circulatory system of the company.  Seamlessly drifting between functions and departments, maintaining critical order to the office.

The Administrative Services Manager will play a key role in the Human Resources, Information Systems, and Office Administration of Fortius Capital.  This individual will devote the same passion to supporting employee recruitment efforts of the company as they will to maintaining an organized, clean, and professional office environment for the team.

About the Role:

As the Administrative Services Manager, you will be responsible for a variety of functions, including  primary organizational aspects of the office, maintaining an orderly data and file retention system, administrative assistant work, providing essential documentation and organizational support for human resources, evaluating and managing key human resources and office vendors, developing and communicating process related documents and policies.

You are succeeding in this role when each department has the resources and support necessary to optimally succeed in their focus.

You will be expected to foster and maintain an environment in the office the exceeds profession standards and an underlying infrastructure that is equally supportive to the revenue generating functions in the company.

Essential Functions:

General Office:

  • Greet Guests
  • Conference Room Management and Maintenance
  • Office/Kitchen/Storage Management and Maintenance
  • Mail and Documentation Sorting, Scanning and Retention
  • Meeting Administration
  • Insurance Management
  • Company Licensing
  • Creating and Distributing Company SOPā€™s
  • Phone System Management
  • Event Planning and Management
  • Office Internal and External Messaging and Communication
  • Notary Service


  • PTO Management
  • Disciplinary Paperwork
  • Benefits Management
  • Employee and Office Communication
  • Recruitment and Retention Support

Accounting (Basic):

  • Software Training
  • Payables and Vendor Support
  • Receivables and Deposit Support

Property Management:

  • Client Gifts
  • HOA Meeting Administration
  • Client Website Support
  • Lease and Contact Management and Support
  • Workorder and Customer Support


  • Document Support


  • External and Communication Content Editing
  • Compliance Management

Who You Are:

You possess a highly accommodative personality with equal parts internal and external customer service skills.

While your basic familiarity with legal and real estate documentation is helpful, your desire and ability to ask questions and research further to gain a firm understanding allows you to manage all documentation aspects of the company.

Confidence in your decision-making ability generates solid recommendations to the management team, going beyond simple fact finding.

A love of organization serves you well in every function of this role as you maintain the physical spaces in the office and the electronic spaces behind the scenes.

Your unique combination of traits means that new tasks excite you, yet no task is beneath you.

Ideal Experience Includes:

  • Familiarity with legal and real estate documentation – ideally more than three years working in the real estate industry
  • Relevant experience in Human Resource related job functions ā€“ ideally more than three years working in a position with close proximate to HR
  • High level of professional writing skills
  • High level of problem solving and research skills
  • High level of Microsoft Products and computer literacy

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