Small Business Consultant / Kiva Capital Access Manager

Salary: $25/hour
Job Type: Part Time
Location: Remote
Publish Date: Posted May 18, 2023

Prairie Rose Development operates the Kiva Hub for Colorado. We are looking to add a part-time, bilingual (Spanish), Small Business Consultant / Kiva Capital Access Manager to help facilitate Kiva loans ( in Colorado. Although this position is a remote position, the successful applicant MUST LIVE SOMEWHERE / ANYWHERE ON THE WESTERN SLOPE OF COLORADO (a requirement by the funding source used to support this position).

Managing local borrower experiences (75% of time)
The involves reviewing new Kiva loan applications to assess which ones are ready to be reviewed by Kiva’s HQ and which ones need more work; connecting borrowers to local small business assistance providers; responding to support requests and potential inquiries; participating in social media outreach; otherwise spreading the word about currently funding Kiva profiles; and, conducting outreach to existing Kiva borrowers.

Community development (25% of time)
This involves cultivating a community of economic development and small business lending; hosting or supporting presentations about the ‘Capital Ladder’; highlighting relevant, next-step capital access providers beyond Kiva; responding to informational inquiries about Kiva from prospective partners within Colorado; promoting technical assistance and small business advancement opportunities; and cultivating a lending community to support local Colorado businesses.

The time commitment is flexible with a target goal of between a 10 to 20 hour work week subject to your availability. The successful applicant will receive a wage of $25 per hour plus the reimbursement of any direct expenses incurred and associated with fulfilling the duties of the role.

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