Project Expeditor

Salary: $70k - $80k DOE
Job Type: Full Time
Location: Vail Valley, CO
Publish Date: Posted September 6, 2023


Are you ready to join an innovative and growing company that is passionate about turning design dreams into reality? Studio James is seeking a doer and career-oriented Project Expeditor to be part of our talented team. As a Project Expeditor, you will be at the heart of the action, taking charge of the daily tasks that drive our projects forward and help bring our clients’ visions to life.

Working closely with our Owner, Lead Designer, and creative team, you will be responsible for coordinating and managing all the behind-the-scenes aspects of our projects. From ordering and production to shipping and installation, you will be the go-to person for ensuring seamless coordination among our hard good vendors, labor teams, and sub-contractors.

Your role will be diverse and engaging, involving tasks such as assisting with client proposals, managing purchase orders, and recording payments. You’ll be the master of organization, creating and maintaining crucial project documents and processes. Whether it’s tracking materials, managing inventory, or overseeing freight and shipping logistics, you’ll be in the driver’s seat, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Your excellent communication skills will shine as you collaborate with vendors, contractors, sales reps, and sub-contractors, fostering positive and effective relationships. You’ll also provide invaluable support to our CEO and Designers, assisting with project execution and management.

At Studio James, we understand the importance of work-life balance, and while this position is full-time, we offer flexibility during our down times. Although occasional nights, weekends, and holiday work may be required, you’ll find the challenges and rewards of working in a fast-paced, high-stakes environment truly invigorating.

To thrive in this role, you’ll need to be detail-oriented, reliable, and punctual, with strong time management skills. Your self-motivation will be essential as you juggle multiple projects simultaneously. We value clear communication, both written and verbal, and appreciate your professional presence and pleasant speaking voice.

If you’re someone who embraces challenges and enjoys building relationships, this position is perfect for you. Our close-knit network and start-up atmosphere provide an exciting and supportive environment to realize your full potential.


  • Be at the heart of the action, owning and managing the non-design daily tasks that bring our clients’ visions to life.
  • Collaborate closely with a talented team, the Owner, and the Lead Designer, working together to create stunning projects.
  • Take charge of coordinating and managing the ordering, production, shipping, receiving, and installation of all hard and soft goods, ensuring seamless execution.
  • Enjoy a diverse range of responsibilities, from managing and creating client proposals to managing and creating purchase orders and orchestrating installs, with the opportunity to contribute to all aspects of a successful project execution.
  • Work in a fast-paced, high-stakes environment, where your ability to thrive under deadlines and keep projects on track is highly valued.
  • Embrace flexibility during install times, allowing for a dynamic work schedule that may include occasional nights, weekends, and holiday workdays.
  • Experience the satisfaction of seeing your meticulous organization and coordination efforts result in successful project outcomes.
  • Build and maintain relationships with vendors, contractors, and sub-contractors, contributing to a strong and supportive professional network.
  • Benefit from a competitive annual salary, industry discounts, mileage and expense reimbursement, and attractive benefits including paid time off and health insurance stipend.


  • Full-time availability, with the ability to be flexible during install times, which may require occasional nights, weekends, and holiday workdays to ensure project success.
  • Efficient and effective work under deadlines, demonstrating the ability to manage time and prioritize tasks to meet project timelines.
  • Detailed, clear, and kind communication with vendors, clients, co-workers, sub-contractors, sales reps, and other stakeholders throughout the project process.
  • Proficient use of Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook to facilitate various project-related tasks.
  • Professionalism, attention to detail, reliability, and punctuality in executing tasks, managing workload, and completing assignments on time.
  • Self-motivation and strong time management skills to successfully handle multiple projects simultaneously and ensure their smooth progression.
  • Excellent writing and communication skills, with a keen eye for detail to accurately create and maintain project documents and processes.
  • Clear speaking voice with a pleasant and professional presence, contributing to effective communication and relationship-building.
  • Possession of a valid Driver’s License and reliable vehicle, as occasional  pickups and deliveries will be required in personal vehicle. AWD or 4WD preferred. 
  • Physical capability to lift up to 50lbs if needed, assisting with moving items and providing physical support during installations.
  • Thriving in a fast-paced, high-stakes environment, embracing challenges with a positive and willing attitude.
  • Value for building relationships and trust, recognizing the significance of maintaining strong connections within our extensive network.
  • Experience and/or willingness to work in a small company, start-up type of environment, contributing to the dynamic and collaborative team atmosphere.


  • $70,000 – $80,000 annual salary, depending upon experience and capability
  • Two weeks accrued PTO to start with ability to earn more
  • Cell phone reimbursement ($75 monthly)
  • Health insurance stipend ($300 monthly)
  • Industry discounts for personal use
  • Mileage and expense reimbursement

These expectations will help shape your role as a Project Expeditor at Studio James, ensuring smooth operations, timely project completion, and client satisfaction.

We eagerly await your cover letter and resume at Show us how you align with these expectations and how you can contribute to the success of our projects. We can’t wait to welcome you to our team!

Thank you for considering Studio James as your next career destination. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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