Lift Mechanic Foreman

Salary: $35-$45 hourly
Job Type: Full Time
Location: Sun Valley, ID
Publish Date: Posted May 8, 2023
Applications have closed

The Sun Valley Lift Mechanic Foreman will manage the lift mechanic team’s daily, monthly, and annual operations. They will assign, monitor, perform, and oversee lift mechanical maintenance and repair projects on Bald and Dollar Mountains. The Foreman will report to the Lift Maintenance Manager and partner with the Lift Electrical Foreman to ensure all lifts meet all regulations and requirements. 

Sun Valley uses a comprehensive program that ensures the safety of all passengers that utilize the Sun Valley Aerial Lift System. In addition, it incorporates preventative maintenance and troubleshooting lift issues before and during the operating seasons. 

Lift Mechanic Foreman General Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Manages, recruits, trains, and supervises Lift Maintenance Mechanics and performs yearly employee reviews.
  • Develop, design, budget, and assign maintenance plans to meet compliance. Develop, design, budget, and assign annual maintenance program to meet all compliance requirements following manufacturer guidelines, USFS FSM, and ANSI B77.
  • Assign Work Orders for the Mechanics and maintain and document up-to-date Work Reports for the department.
  • Monitor and control inventory and approve the purchase of replacement parts to facilitate repairs and inventory and approve invoices for payment.
  • Utilize purchasing programs and orders to secure the best prices, including volume purchase discounts.
  • Perform inventory checks and control measures, and develop annual labor and department budget.
  • Monitor and enforce orderliness, cleanliness, and organization of all maintenance, and perform preventative maintenance on all facets of the ski lift system.
  • Troubleshoot lift issues as they arrive during the operating seasons.
  • Perform multiple tasks at advanced heights and pre-operational and operational checks during operating seasons.
  • Monitor moving equipment, utilize all senses to predict potential failure, work closely with all mountain operations departments and always maintain a safety culture.

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Previous Lift Mechanic experience preferred
  • Safety orientated.
  • Mechanical aptitude. Knowledge of tools and rigging.
  • Ability to adapt and maintain a high level of focus.
  • Ability to work at heights/climb ladders.
  • Work in adverse weather conditions.
  • Work well with others.
  • Proven experience leading and managing teams of up to 20 employees
  • A technical degree or trade license, preferably related to the field preferred.
  • Must have essential Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint experience

Job Benefits

  • Education / Training
  • Employee Recognition Program
  • Health Insurance
  • Housing
  • Mental Health Resources
  • Retirement
  • Ski Pass
  • Wellness

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