Clerk Administrator

Salary: $55,000 - $80,000
Job Type: Full Time
Location: Vail Valley, CO
Publish Date: Posted August 30, 2022
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The Clerk Administrator is responsible for administering and coordinating the duties within the Town of Avon Municipal Court division as required by law.  In addition to Municipal Court Clerk duties, the position performs various administrative and technical functions in support of the Town Clerk’s Office.  The ideal Clerk Administrator candidate takes responsibility and initiative to develop as a leader and acquires the skills and knowledge needed to become the next Town Clerk.

This position must be flexible and always willing to help as needed, able to work independently and must have exceptional organization, communication, interpersonal and public relationship skills. Occasional attendance at conferences and other form of professional development are expected as may be approved and scheduled by the General Government Manager.

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Municipal Court:

1.       Responsible for the tasks necessary for the day-to-day operation of the Municipal Court, such as assisting defendants, attorneys, and court staff

2.       Administers the non-judicial functions of Municipal Court consisting of managing, scheduling, and tracking cases and investigating and identifying problems related to case management and flow

3.       Compiles and analyzes data related to court activity

4.       Prepares, maintains and archives court files, dockets and dispositions for criminal and traffic records, as required by the State Statutes and the Town of Avon’s Municipal Records Retention Schedule

5.       Transfers bonds to various Colorado Municipal, County and District courts or Law Enforcement Agencies

6.       Provides clerical assistance to the Municipal Court Judge, including maintaining files, reception duties, preparing letters and required legal documents, and completes mailing correspondence

7.       Seals and expunges case files in accordance with Colorado Court Rules of Procedure.

8.       Prepares court documents, enters/clears bench warrants and outstanding judgement warrants, receives pleas from defendants on traffic, parking , and some ordinance violations, and process all required court documents, including hearing notices and dispositions after each session

9.       Manages Municipal Court session preparation

10.   Processes court fines and other related revenue payments

11.   Provides court dispositions and required information to outside agencies as required by law

12.   Maintains and sets court dates, keeps outside agencies and the police department informed of any necessary changes and works closely with the police department

13.   Gathers legal documents and subpoenas witnesses and police officers for scheduled court dates

14.   Monitors and maintains court recordings

15.   Processes police summons for criminal, traffic offenses and parking complaints and tickets

16.   Prepares Court Chambers and ensures proper recording equipment is in place to record court action

17.   Prepares deposits after each court session or as needed

18.   Documents court actions, sets court dates, and prepares documents for defendants and attorneys

19.   Interacts with prosecution, defense attorneys, and public and all statewide courts

20.   Receives and assists with court payments and inquiries


Clerk Administration:

1.       Assumes duties of the Deputy Town Clerk in the Deputy Town Clerk’s absence

2.       Assembles meeting packet materials for Council and other Town boards, commissions and committees as may be assigned, uploads documents to website, assists with the posting of legal notices for public meetings in the Town’s premises

3.       Assists Deputy Town Clerk with preparing Council Chambers for meetings, including ordering, picking up, and organizing food and beverages as needed

4.       Assists the Town Clerk with organizing and conducting municipal elections and assists the Deputy Town Clerk with liquor license applications

5.       Assists with other duties as assigned by the Deputy Town Clerk, such as records management and public records requests

6.       Enters requisitions

7.       Sends out monthly New Resident Welcome Letters

8.       Serves as a Notary Public

Town of Avon Benefit Guide

Benefits for full-time employees include:

  • Retirement match of 11%
  • Life insurance
  • Avon Recreation Center passes for you and your dependents
  • Family health, vison and dental insurance
  • Paid vacation, sick days, and holidays
  • Spanish proficiency pay incentive

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