Public Operations – Operator I-II

Salary: $50,800 - $73,500
Job Type: Full Time
Location: Vail Valley, CO
Publish Date: Posted November 28, 2023
Applications have closed

The Public Operations Operator I-II is responsible for operating, maintaining heavy and small equipment, machines, and hand tools to assist with sustaining Town roads and bridges, storm water infrastructure, parks, open space, grounds, green belts, and streetscape structure.  In addition to offering assistance with Special Events programs, this position assists with painting and set-up of fields for Recreation programs.




  1. Operates a variety of gasoline or diesel heavy and small equipment, such as tractors, sweepers, dump trucks, graders, loaders, aerial trucks, skid steers, ride mowers, 4×4 pickup trucks, Tool cats, ATVs, club cars, power tools, and hand tools (e.g. drills, weed trimmers, shovels, picks etc.)
  2. Performs routine pre and post checks and minor maintenance on vehicles and equipment prior to use, emergency repairs if necessary, and coordinates with fleet maintenance mechanics when major repairs are needed
  3. Plows and clears snow and ice from streets, sidewalks, paths, bus stops, and parking lots. Sands and de-ices slippery surfaces as needed Sweeps and cleans roadways, sidewalks, and trails and cleans and maintains culverts, ditches, and shoulders
  4. Provides minor asphalt and concrete re-construction and patching of roadways, sidewalks, curbs, and gutters to seal cracks, fill potholes, and repairs brick pavers
  5. Cleans and flushes manhole catch basins, and storm sewer pipelines Establishes appropriate barricades, warning devices, and equipment replacement and provides flagging for temporary traffic control, as needed, to maintain a safe work area (e.g. special events, accidents, work areas)
  6. Operates the sign program producing and installing a variety of new and replacement road and town signs Responds to accidents involving damaged light poles and assists electrician with replacing light poles and lamps
  7. Maintains park facilities, holiday lights, ice skating surface, turf, athletic fields, irrigations systems, landscaping and trees Removes refuse from receptacles and manually picks up trash in park and other public areas daily
  8. Grades and cleans ditches, culverts and natural water courses, load, haul, and stockpile sand, gravel, brush and other materials
  9. Patches, seals asphalt and concrete roadways, sidewalks, curbs, and gutters; repair brick pavers; fill potholes; locate, analyze, and suggest remedies to repair pavement problems
  10. Flush and clean manhole catch basins and storm sewer pipelines
  11. Assists with right-of-way and road cut permits, inspections, and field activities and traffic control in support of the Town’s special events

Job Benefits

  • Education / Training
  • Employee Recognition Program
  • Health Insurance
  • Mental Health Resources
  • Retention Bonuses
  • Retirement
  • Wellness

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