Recreation Program Supervisor

Salary: $55,400 - $65,400
Job Type: Full Time
Location: Vail Valley, CO
Publish Date: Posted January 20, 2023

The Recreation Program Supervisor is responsible for ongoing development, implementation and daily operation of the adult and youth program divisions at the Town of Avon Recreation Center, town parks and local Eagle County schools.  In addition, this position is responsible for public relations efforts related to these programs and critical evaluation of all recreation programs to determine the advancement of new programs and termination of underutilized programs.



  1. Oversees all youth and adult programs
  2. Recruits, hires, trains, schedules, supervises and evaluates Recreation Program Coordinator, Program Instructor I, II and III staff, and Sports Program Referees.
  3. Reviews and approves shift changes, timesheets and time off requests for division staff
  4. Supervises all classes and programs by providing a comprehensive training program for staff
  5. Maintains adequate staffing, schedules and assigns personnel, and coordinates substitutions to best serve the interest of the program
  6. Assists in developing, enforcing, and revising Town of Avon policies and procedures related to adult and youth programs.
  7. Oversees in developing, reviewing, and implementing training programs to ensure staff are familiar with procedures and prepared to respond in an emergency as appropriate
  8. Assist in Afterschool and Camps, by maintaining a director qualification for State of Colorado childcare licensure, for when the Program Coordinator is on leave
  9. Monitors and maintains cleanliness and safety of program areas in accordance with Colorado State Health Department and Town of Avon guidelines and regulations
  10. Inspects facilities and equipment as needed to ensure a safe and positive experience for patrons
  11. Ensures safety of patrons, maintains safety and health standards of adult and youth equipment and programs and responds to emergency situations as necessary
  12. Monitors activities in and around the weight rooms, cardio room and fitness studios to prevent injuries, accidents and responds to emergencies as necessary
  13. Reports any accidents/incidents to supervisor and submits appropriate completed forms to supervisor within 24 hours
  14. Assists with the management and operation of concessions and rentals for the Harry A. Nottingham Lake Ice Rink and Metcalf Cabin.
  15. Ensures that emergency and first aid forms are completed correctly
  16. Assists Recreation Services Supervisor with program development in the fitness division
  17. Analyzes and evaluates classes and programs on an on-going basis, utilizing statistics to plan and market future programs and classes
  18. Ensures positive customer interaction, seeks out and obtains input on new programs and levels of interests by working closely with community
  19. Updates program information and communicates with Recreation Services Superintendent to ensure accurate information is available to patrons and at the front desk
  20. Manages complaints involving patrons and disciplinary issues involving staff and reports any changes, conflicts or unsafe circumstances to supervisor
  21. Establishes maintenance and equipment inspection logs; ensures daily inspections at facility opening for equipment conditions, vandalism, cleaning and necessary supplies; and reports any needs or situations to supervisor
  22. Requests and orders approved supplies and equipment for the adult and youth programs and ensures proper care, operation and maintenance of such equipment and supplies
  23. Develops and oversees implementation of the adult and youth programs budget
  24. Prepares and submits budget requests and monitors all budget expenditures within the adult and youth programs
  25. Maintains all budget expenditures within the adult and youth programs
  26. Maintains current American Red Cross Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR.AED certification

Town of Avon Benefit Guide

Benefits for full-time employees include:

  • Retirement match of 11%
  • Life insurance
  • Avon Recreation Center passes for you and your dependents
  • Family health, vison and dental insurance
  • Paid vacation, sick days, and holidays
  • Spanish proficiency pay incentive

Job Benefits

  • Employee Recognition Program
  • Health Insurance
  • Mental Health Resources
  • Pet Friendly
  • Retirement

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