Leadership Lab – Invest in yourself and your career

Now’s the time to invest in yourself. It’s a great opportunity to move out of the backseat with your career and step into the present and future that you want. The good news is that with leadership development, there are plenty of options, all of which provide different offerings and structures that are meant to meet you where you are in your journey.

It can feel daunting to try and move your careers forward on your own. That’s why we are excited to introduce you to Sendline and Windrose who value the power of connection. This team of coaches has launched a 6 month virtual program geared towards mid career professionals in the outdoor industry or those trying to enter the industry — it’s call The Leadership Lab.

Mountain Careers interviewed Thom and Greer to learn more about the Leadership Lab.

Guiding principles of the Leadership Lab

Small groups. We limit each of our workshop groups to twelve individuals so you can really lean into building meaningful relationships.

Regional connections. By structuring everyone regionally, you can meet for coffee or take some turns together outside of our virtual workshops.

Conversational learning. Our conversational approach provides an environment of trust and respect to learn from one another. The support you’ll find in your small group will empower you to use what you learn, immediately and down the road.

‘Having candid, supportive, and meaningful conversations about leadership and networking with a group of your peers is what The Leadership Lab is all about,’ said Greer from Windrose. It’s built with you and your needs in mind and is curated so that you can feel motivated to go after the life and career that you want.

What can you expect from The Leadership Lab? You’ll meet with us and your group virtually once a month for ninety minutes to discuss the leadership topics that are important to you and your group. Two weeks after each workshop, we’ll send you an email with reflections, resources, and optional assignments to deepen your learning. You’ll get introduced to and connected with your regional group, then we’ll leave it up to you to structure connecting with the others in a way that fits you best.

We’re here to support you in moving your career forward and are excited for you to be part of what we’ve created. We invite you to check it out and see if it is a good fit for you. It’s what we do and we have a ton of fun doing it!

Registration is open through 5/31 and the first workshops will kick off in mid-June.