Schools in the mountains are in a class of their own. 

Keystone Science School

Education in the mountains is so unique. Here’s why.

Both students and teachers in the mountains enjoy compelling benefits that you cannot find anywhere else. From the setting itself to the values shared in the communities, to the skill it takes to thrive, mountain living and learning boasts an unparalleled curriculum. Below we discuss 3 major traits that make education in the mountains so unique. Want to work at a school in the mountains? These stellar schools are hiring: Children’s Garden Of Learning, Sun Valley Community School, Eagle County School District, Steamboat Mountain School, Aspen School District.

Nature Appreciation

The areas around Vail, Aspen, Tahoe, and Jackson Hole are extremely beautiful, and this beauty is one of the biggest reasons why so many pursue careers in the mountains. Everywhere you turn, there’s nature, and no matter what you do you’re sharing space with trees and plants, animals and wildlife, waterways and ecosystems, and more. This immersion in nature gives all who live and work in the mountains an elevated appreciation and respect for the natural world. Schools take their classrooms outside. Keystone Science School, which is currently promoting openings on the Job Board for the upcoming school year, builds immersive outdoor environments into its practices and looks for any opportunity to use the mountains as its chalkboard. Many schools in the mountains recognize school-wide ski days and organize class campouts and hikes during the warmer months. Education in the mountains inherently extends beyond the standard study hall, providing an enriching intimacy with nature for students and staff alike. 

Active Priorities

Immersing in nature and prioritizing active lifestyles nurtured by education in the mountains undoubtedly yields exceptional skill development. Problem-solving, teamwork, discipline and commitment, and other productive traits are all pivotal lessons to be learned from living in the mountains. Since education in the mountains is so immersed in nature, it’s easy to cultivate hobbies and passions that get the body moving. Adventure sports like biking, skiing, paddling, and climbing are prevalent for all ages. Vail Mountain School and the Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy both offer flexible class schedules and other arrangements that support their students who participate in competitive snowsports during the winter. But the recreation activities obviously don’t stop there, and things like hiking, camping or simply watching the sunset are common appointments on the calendars of mountain-based students and teachers. Oftentimes, teachers in the mountains prioritize these active lifestyles too, which trickles down to the students and strengthens the overall community ethos that prioritizes recreation.

The educators, programs and caregivers in my children’s life have absolutely impacted our decision to stay in the mountains forever! The uniqueness of the experiences and quality of staff is unmatched.

Aryn Schlichting, Founder of Mountain Careers

Community Values

Schools are often thought of as the foundation for community, where people of all ages connect with their peers. Education in the mountains creates a strong framework for collaboration, creativity, and for collective participation in the mountain community. This is a significant driver for why families choose to build their lives and careers in the mountains over the long haul. Kids learn eclectic skills and have novel experiences from a young age, and they do all of it alongside other kids who they’ll grow up with. Fostering this unique learning environment is especially gratifying for the faculty and teachers in the mountains too. And since most mountain towns are small, tight-knit communities, the parents have the chance to be involved in the process as their children level up through the school ranks. There are few comparable places that boast strong academics, ample time in nature, active lifestyles, and the ability to do it all with people who are similar to you. That’s the precedent that education in the mountains sets for the students, the faculty, and the parents that experience it. 

At Mountain Careers, we believe where you live is as important as what you do, and education in the mountains is a significant element of that philosophy.

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