Social Media Ad Campaign

Ready to Add a Social Media Ad Campaign (SMAC) to a Listing?

Cost – $199 per job listing


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SMAC Includes:

  • Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaign
  • Boosting the reach of an existing/purchased Job Listing
  • Active Job Listing needed for traffic landing page and content for ad
  • Image Media for Ad Set if none provided
  • Runs through our Facebook Ads Manager account
  • Utilizing over 3 years and 200+ campaign data sets
  • Leveraging Facebooks AI for optimal results
  • 10-14 day Campaign schedule, front loaded to maximize rapid exposure
  • Minimum of $50 towards the direct Ad spend
  • Results vary but we typically see 7,000+ Reach and over 200+ Link Clicks

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Best For:


  • Employer with an active Subscription Job Listing package wanting to add a Social Media Ad Campaign to a current (non-expired) Job listing


  • You want to add the campaign to an active (non-expired) Single Job Listing currently published on



SMAC is best utilized for Positions that would benefit from a wider audience net and attracting more specialized professionals that could relocate to your community. Please email us at [email protected] with any questions.


$ 199

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