Stories of Mountain Town Professionals: Thom, founder of Sendline

Real #stories of professionals #moving to the mountains! Meet our friend Thom, founder of Sendline in Wenatchee, Washington in the Cascade Mountain Range. We love his inspiration to help managers grow. Read our short interview with him to learn about his motivation to move to the mountains of Washington.

Thom, Tell us about yourself…

‘I spent fifteen years working in corporate , albeit the outdoor industry, all to learn that there is no such thing as work-life balance. That everything is just life, and all of it matters. So I left to start my own company, helping new managers understand the impact they can have on others, and what it means when everything matters.’

Why did you move to the mountains?

‘The vision I have for my life is to live where I can walk out my front door, click into my skis, and go touring, along with the desire my wife and I shared to raise our son in a small community where the outdoors was everywhere for him, for us. With this, I heard the sound of my skis softly crunching on powder snow as I skinned uphill, my own breathing, the quiet of the air around me, and I saw our son grinning, ear to ear, as he slid down the bunny hill, first learning how to ski. I knew we’d never get to fulfill that living in Seattle. We had to go, to live in the mountains.’

What is the best part of living in the mountains?

‘The community of people with the similar goal of raising their family in the shadow of the mountains, and the shared pursuit of an active lifestyle that allows each of us to easily and, almost-effortlessly, work hard and play hard.

What advice do you have for someone looking to make the move?

‘Simple: prioritize where you want to live, be willing to sacrifice what you do for work, and trust you’ll find meaning and intention in it all.

Tell us what it is like to work at your company?

‘When Sendline grows enough to bring folks onto our team, we’ll provide them meaningful work, with the flexibility of prioritizing living where they choose. Oh, and our team outings will involve doing stuff in the mountains. Always doing stuff in the mountains.’

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