Stories of mountain towns professionals: Ben, Content Marketing Manager / Videographer

#featurefriday Real stories of professionals in the mountains!

Meet Ben! Ben is the Content Marketing Manager at Vail Valley Partnership and Co-Owner / Videographer at Capture the Action, Inc.

Ben_Mountain Careers

Tell us about your career…

My job is all about storytelling. Both jobs. I have the opportunity to tell meaningful stories that educate, inspire and/or bring happiness and laughter. The best part is that I work in such a giving and collaborative community. I see youth development partnerships, shared environmental conservation initiatives, small businesses, large organizations, and the awe-inspiring individuals who make up the fabric of our mountain region. Whether it is through video, photography, written word, graphic design or word-of-mouth, I am fulfilled each and everyday because my job is to communicate projects and initiatives of awesomeness. 

What has your career path been like? 

I moved to Vail and worked for Matsuhisa, Vail. Became a backpack guide for SOS Outreach after training with National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), and later, another year of AmeriCorps with SOS Outreach. Before getting into my career, I learned to: build houses, partner with other community stakeholders for positive change, grow and nurture gardens and plants, share knowledge of sushi and Japanese cuisine and culture, lead backpacking and outdoor trips safely and with competence, and now, how to effectively tell stories to inspire behavioral change.

What do you love about the mountains? 

The fabric of this community is unlike any other community I have seen. We are small and strong. We work hard, play hard and live well. Every town has unique restaurants and events that keep people intertwined with each other. Besides from the people, it’s that every part of the year there is something to do outside. My absolute favorite is floating on the river on my raft, fly fishing with a beer in my hand, in good company and surrounded by nature’s beauty. 

Advice for someone looking to make the move?

Take the leap of faith and go for it if the mountains are calling. It might take you some time to get your feet on the ground, and you might need to work two jobs at first. You might even start your own business! However, the greatest advice I can give you is to get involved, get out there, and get connected to this wonderful community. If you have a great attitude and work ethic, and you can sustain the higher cost of living, then you will come out happier and more fulfilled than you can ever imagine.

Thanks Ben for sharing your story!!! Follow Ben’s journey….

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