Stories of mountain towns professionals: Brice, Senior Mobile Engineer

Meet Brice, Senior Mobile Engineer @ BetterUp

Tell us about your path…

I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for eight years doing a weekend warrior commute of 6-12 hrs every weekend to the mountains. The job satisfaction was great, but the commute and traffic was killing me. In 2019 I made the jump to the Eastern Sierra as my mountain home with a remote job and I’m now living the lifestyle of my dreams!

Becoming a remote employee I figured I would have to make a lot of compromise in terms of job engagement, collaboration and satisfaction. That was until I joined BetterUp: a remote-first company who’s mission is to empower human transformation and self-actualization (currently focused on the workplace). At BetterUp I’ve had better collaboration on a remote team than my last in-person office job!

Why did you move to the mountains?

I wanted to spend less time commuting to the mountains and more time adventuring in them.

What is the best part of living in the mountains?

Being close enough to the mountains to get outside all day and come home to my own bed, even during the work week!

What advice do you have for someone looking to make the move?

My mountain community is a lot smaller and less online than the SF Bay Area. I have to be a lot more proactive about meeting people in the area as a remote employee.

Follow Brice on his adventures @bricepoll

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