Stories of mountain towns professionals: Clare, Founder Callosum

#featurefriday Real stories of professionals in the mountains! Meet Clare, Founder, Callosum in Vail, CO.

Tell us your story…

I founded Callosum 14 years ago in Chicago. Since then the company and I have evolved tremendously. We are now based in Vail, CO and service outdoor & mountain lifestyle clients nationwide. As the Founder, keeping our vision intact and in action is vital. The majority of my work in deep thinking strategy and desk-based, so I balance it with movement. My days are fluid – often broken up with a midday ski or ride, to reset the creative juices and honor my natural rhythm. Instead of holding meetings in chairs, I prefer meetings on trails. My jam is building brand platforms for purpose-driven companies – I’m a brand geek. And when I’m not working IN the company, I am working ON the company by reaching out to our project affiliates, diving into biz dev and continuously seeking like-minded outdoor go-getter partners. I’m the quintessential entrepreneur.

When did you move to the mountains?

At the ripe age of 27 I was a workaholic and my health was failing as a result. I needed to be able to reset and I was unable to do so in a metropolitan setting. In Vail, I go to nature as both my adrenaline/endorphin rush and serenity. I am just as driven, and work just as much. I now do it in a healthier fashion.

What is the best part about living in the mountains?

Access to nature and outdoor adventure. My tv remote gathers dust as nature calls and feeds my #sophisticatedtomboy side. The relationships I have built on the trails are made of quality time and vulnerability. As we adventure together, we build comfort in uncomfortable situations. This also strongly benefits my agency as we make client decisions and push for innovation – strategic and calculated risks of course!

What advice do you have for someone looking to make the move?

Think differently. Go visit what intrigues you. Hover in coworking spaces and introduce yourself. Seek out Instagram mountain town living user profiles. We are everywhere and we want you to join the club. Don’t be shy – reach out and ask away!

Thanks Clare for sharing your story!! Follow along at 
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