23 Definitions of Mountain Career Success

There are so many unique paths when the paths are seemingly endless.  Here’s a list of options to help you find the combination that best fits you.

We recently dove into what career success actually looks like for mountain professionals. As a follow-up to that article, we devised 23 further definitions specific to mountain career success:

  1. Success is finding power in how your work cultivates your ability to enjoy the things you do when not working. 
  2. Success is knowing that you are not alone in your circumstances; there’s someone, somewhere that can relate. 
  3. Success is seeing the bigger picture even when it seems blurry. 
  4. Success is seeing places, meeting people, and having experiences that leave you speechlessly grateful. 
  5. Success is having a routine that makes you sweat naturally and regularly.
  6. Success is not just getting comfortable when you’re uncomfortable, but being confident, poised, and trusting when you’re uncomfortable.
  7. Success is thinking globally and acting locally, but also encouraging others to do the same.
  8. Success is recognizing all the different people your work influences, even in ways that don’t always directly translate to your job description. 
  9. Success is not only having the ability to do the things you love but the psychological freedom to know that it’s okay to do them. 
  10. Success is knowing how you can help, who and what you want to help, and when to say that you’re not the right person to do the job.
  11. Success is fostering sustainability in your home, in your work, in your relationships, and in your overall lifestyle.
  12. Success is appreciating the little moments like the wind on your face, the birds singing in the trees, or the river water flowing endlessly.
  13. Success is realizing that macro progress is made through micro habits repeated daily.
  14. Success is ending your workday with more energy, enthusiasm, optimism, and gratitude than you started it with. 
  15. Success is being surrounded by nature.
  16. Success is measured in your ability to be yourself and listen to what you want and not what society tells you is important.
  17. Success is being thoughtful, empathetic, and communal; at work, at the grocery store, at home, anywhere, everywhere. 
  18. Success is finding time to adventure and having people to adventure with. 
  19. Success is challenging yourself to never stop learning. 
  20. Success is finding a job you love that allows you to prioritize the things you love.
  21. Success is accepting your faults, flaws, and failures but not wanting to trade them for anyone else’s. 
  22. Success is doing what you love how you want to do it.
  23. Success is not giving up on the pursuit of all of the above, no matter the obstacles, setbacks, or redirections.

How do these stack up with your own personal definitions? Or with your expectations for what you thought a successful mountain career should/could/would look like? We’d love to hear from you so we can evolve this list together. Because we’re all in this together. Just trying to figure out our own unique definitions of success in the mountains. Maybe that togetherness is the ultimate definition after all.