Our Story

Mountain Careers is creating the space to connect people, jobs and ideas across mountain towns to allow for life changing opportunities.

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How we started

Founded in 2015, Mountain Careers was built out of a need to better connect professionals to growing opportunities in our amazing mountain communities.

The old notion that mountain towns were only for ‘ski bums’ was quickly changing as businesses grew yet there was still not a good way to search for jobs (classifieds anyone?) or know about new companies in the area.

As a recruiter and professional living in the mountains we had a hypothesis that we could change the lives of professionals who wanted to live in the mountains and help recruiters hire better at the same time — if there was one central place to share job openings and stories from the mountains. So we created Mountain Careers!

What’s more? As we learned more about the importance of a network we knew each community would benefits from shared resources and efforts to attract and retain talent.

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Hi, I am Aryn

I am a connector, optimist and enjoy helping people find careers they love.  I believe the future of work is in the mountains and that people are happier when they have a meaningful career and live in a place they love.

Background: My career has been focused on Human Resources, Recruiting, and building employment brands in the mountains. Since starting Mountain Careers I spend my time traveling to mountain towns speaking about recruitment and workforce issues, building our network of professionals across communities and staying on top of technology/HR trends. I have lived in the Vail area for 17 years and am lucky to be raising our two kids here — we couldn’t imagine living anywhere else besides the mountains.


Hi, I am Craig

I am focused on the growth of our Mountain Careers Community and enjoy data, technology and marketing. I am always thinking how do we reach the right people. An avid fisherman, skier and traveler. I think of myself as the modern mountain professional.

Background: My career started in online advertising from the early days and has evolved into e-commerce and scaling businesses. I live in Edwards, CO but do my best to travel to the world every chance I get.