3 ways to uncover employers who support your work-life integration goals.

Value and success are taking new forms in the workplace

People in the mountains are taking notice. People are prioritizing their health – both physical and mental – and time with their loved ones and their hobbies perhaps more than ever before. We’re seeing this firsthand from our community of mountain professionals, where wellness in the workplace is the top priority for both employees and employers alike. Work-life integration has taken over and holds new meaning in the mountains as people are committed to a life and values that align with living in the mountains.

How do you properly integrate work and life though? We have a few recommendations:

Focus on a job with flexibility

So much emphasis is being placed on flexibility in the workplace, and that goes both directions. Remote and hybrid work options. 4-day work weeks and unlimited PTO. These are just a few ways to look for flexibility but don’t work for all professions (think healthcare, education or hospitality). Considering asking these questions when interviewing for a position ask about how they support flexibility. Find out if you are able to ask for a day off last minute or switch a shift with a coworker to accommodate a last-minute adventure. Some positions in the hospitality industry might even close for a month or so giving you time to enjoy a full mini-sabbatical. After all, managers and leaders still want to find the balance that allows them to spend more time in nature, with their families, or just disconnect in general. 

Find an employer that supports wellness

Our research also shows that comprehensive wellness benefits are at the forefront of today’s hiring process in the mountains. The flexibility mentioned above cannot really be taken advantage of in the absence of strong health benefits, access to housing, and other avenues to growth. In fact, stellar benefits were the most important aspect in considering any potential career move based on the data collected in our survey. Look for companies that offer wellness benefits such as Aspen Skiing Company, Town of Telluride and Sun Valley.

Look for signs of a good culture

Flexibility and feasibility get people in the door, but it’s the intangibles that get them to stay. Our research found that workplace culture may even trump higher pay for some job seekers today. This is why employers, especially in the mountains, are putting resources behind creating connections within their teams beginning from the earliest stages of the hiring process. Mountain towns are small communities, so new coworkers end up riding the same lift chairs and hiking the same trails as their colleagues. Ask these questions to learn more about the workplace culture in an interview: What do you do to create connection among employees? What is an example of a stressful situation at work? How is this handled? Why do most employees stay at the organization? How would you describe the values of leadership? 


Finding a career that supports your work-life integration is key to a happy life in the mountains. Why shouldn’t a career be a major piece of the happiness puzzle? It’s a big piece, but just one of many meaningful aspects of an integrated lifestyle. We’re proud to see many employers across our favorite mountain towns understanding how this puzzle works. We’re excited to continue sharing the opportunities they’re creating for more people to accomplish their dream mountain careers! Visit us at mountaincareers.com.