5 Reasons You’ll Love Living in the Mountains


Powder days, lunch time bike rides and weekend camping trips are a few of the obvious.  These are the things that attract us to the mountains but not the only reason we stay.

Here are 5 Reasons that ‘one ski season’ turns into a lifetime in the mountains for so many…

1. Cost of ‘living’ – Yes, there is really some good news here! Although the cost of housing is expensive (no comments needed — this is an issue in most mountain communities) your daily expenses are pretty low. Most activities are FREE — hiking, fishing, skiing (once you have your pass), concerts and weekend markets.

2. No traffic – OK this one is pretty obvious. But for those of us who live here we forget what it is like to sit in traffic! Open roads and an easy commute to work is priceless and allows for more time to do the things you love.

3. Raising a family – We often say that we ‘cannot afford to leave the mountains’! Great public schools, amazing recreation district programs and libraries are just some of the perks! Not to mention that kids learn to fly fish in gym class and afterschool programs consist of things like Nordic skiing.

4. Small community – ‘The people’ is why most locals say they love living in the mountains. In a small community you get to know your neighbors and there is a real sense of community (maybe it’s because many people live away from family) where your friends become your family. People are drawn to the mountains because of the lifestyle so are generally kind and value time outdoors with friends and family.

5. Beautiful and clean – OK back to the obvious. With 4 beautiful seasons the views and clean air are a constant reminder (remember life can still be stressful here with work and normal life issues) of why we love living in the mountains.
What is your favorite part of #mountainlife?


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