Stories of mountain towns professionals: Meet, Tomer, Founder / CEO of Felt App

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#featurefriday Real stories of professionals in the mountains! Meet, Tomer, Founder / CEO of Felt App (Telluride, CO)

Tell us about your day…
To be me… I wake up and check email first thing like all normal people. Grogy and instantly swept away by work thoughts. I have to remind myself to chill and not let myself be taken over by the anxiety of running a startup trying to bring handwritten cards (Felt) to our modern world. But then, each and every morning I look out my window and feel lucky. That feeling overtakes the anxiety and I’m reminded how lucky I am because every day I get to wake up in Telluride surrounded my mountains and instant access to these mountains and the joy riding my bike and skiing bring me. Then I make coffee.

How did you start your company? 
I started a company out of high school. Then sold out of it and moved to Telluride (not rich, but with about 100k that I used to start Felt). I launched Felt in 2012 and went on shark tank in 2016. Was Apple App of The Day in 2017 and now we’re working to grow our user base and bring handwritten cards to our modern world.

What is the best part of living in the mountains? 
Access to the outdoors and the adventure. Sharing it with like minded friends and raising kids with nature around them.

Advice for others looking to make the move? 
Follow you heart today; Don’t wait. Do it and then the right doors will open.

Thanks Tomer for sharing your story!

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