5 Ways to Elevate Your Career this Holiday Season.

Are you asking yourself ‘what should I do next to grow my career?’ Give yourself four simple ‘gifts’ to start growing your career in the mountains:

  • Understand and appreciate your impact at work. We all contribute to the world in some way when we show up to work. How we internalize this impact and find satisfaction is up to you. The book Designing Your Worklife is a great tool to understand your impact and where you find joy at work. FREE worksheet here to get started.

  • Commit to saying your dreams and goals out-load. Your goals might be … ‘I want to move to the mountains’ or ‘I’m ready for my next challenge at work’ or ‘I want to open my own business.’ Saying these things to people in your network (friends, co-workers, mentors) you will start the ball rolling in the right direction. Give it a try! Another way to frame this idea is when introducing yourself say what you hope to do next year instead what you currently do. Example: ‘Hi, my name is Jenny. I am working in retail but I plan to start a career in real estate in the next year.’ Plant a seed for someone to think about you for the next opportunity!

  • Apply for jobs even if you do not meet all of the qualifications. Often times employers include a laundry list of qualifications for their job openings. But truly they are looking for someone who can do the job, who will love the job and who will add value to the team/culture. Even if you do not have every skill listed you still may be able to show how you will contribute to their company. If the job you apply for does not work out then maybe you have just formed a new connection/relationship for future opportunities. Best case scenario — you land a new job!

  • Enjoy where you are at today! It’s not always about going bigger and better. Sometimes it’s finding more meaning in the current career/life you have created. Slow down, make the decision to learn more in your current job, ask to take on a new project or decide to develop deeper relationships with those in your workplace. New opportunities will start to unfold.

Happy Holidays! The only real way to see change happen is by helping to create it yourself. We are here to help you on this journey while living in the #mountains we love so much.