Stories of mountain town professionals, Ecommerce Marketing Manager AND Coaching & Mentoring (Steamboat Springs, CO)

Meet Greer, Smartwool – Ecommerce Marketing Manager | Windrose Coaching & Mentoring – Founder.

Tell us about your career…

I currently work at Smartwool, located in Steamboat Springs, CO and have been here for about three years doing Ecommerce Marketing. One of the things I love most about Smartwool is that they truly walk the walk – they prioritize sustainability, advocacy, and encourage their people to embrace the beauty of a life lived outdoors.

At the end of this year I will be pivoting into doing Coaching/Mentoring/Speaking full time and will be specializing in helping individuals and companies navigate change in an honest way.

A little over a year ago, it was announced that Smartwool was moving headquarters to Denver, so I’ve experienced my fair share of change of late! I know that I was put on this planet to help & guide others to live the best lives they can and therefore am really excited to pursue my passions full time. It feels like my formative adult years have been a culmination leading me to the spot where I’m ready to make the leap! Scary and exciting all at the same time.

A little history…

My parents are health professionals and showed me the value of participation in the medical field, motivating me to pursue my undergraduate in Nursing and graduate work in Counseling Psychology. From there I spent 10 years pursuing two passions of mine in parallel: working in start up companies (super fun, highly recommend!) and Coaching/Counseling. Which brings us to current day, where I’m shifting into the mental health and coaching work full time!

Why did you move to the mountains?

My husband and I found ourselves longing for Friday (because we would beeline it after work and head to the mountains) and dreading Monday (because it meant we had to leave the mountains). For us, this didn’t make as much sense, so we made the move so we could have closer access to skiing and mountain biking. Additionally, we were craving a slower pace that wasn’t possible where we were at the time – so the mountains were calling!

What is the best part about living in the mountains?

Proximity to trails and skiing and living in a place where people share a similar passion for the outdoors.

Advice for someone looking to make the move?

Professionally, I’d say, get really clear about what you’re passionate about in this life and why and to go after it. Often times we can be guided by falsities (money, status, power) which will ironically perpetuate a feeling of smallness.

When we are tuned in to what brings us joy, it opens up the possibilities for what life can look like and how we relate to opportunity. Regarding moving to a mountain town, it occurs to me like this: live where you love, and the rest will work itself out. The leap (yes it naturally comes with anxiety and fear!) is worth it if you are following your dreams.

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