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Cassidy Bartolo, Talent Acquisition Coordinator at Aspen Skiing Company

We interviewed Cassidy after she landed on a job with Aspen Skiing Company following a Mountain Careers event. You can watch the recording here.

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What were you doing before you landed your new position?

I was living in Oahu,HI working as a Client Success Coordinator for Spectrum Reach. When I was ready to start my new journey I road tripped cross-country with my cat for a few weeks and then spent the last few months enjoying time with family while I looked into jobs in Aspen, CO.

What attracted you to living in the mountains?

I was attracted to living in the mountains because of the people and how they’re able to have a balance with nature, adventure, wellness and work. These are the people I want to surround myself with and learn from while planting roots in a place that my career can also grow. Plus the snowboarding is a perk!

What attracted you to this new position at Aspen Skiing Company and the company in general?

I was attracted to Aspen Skiing Company because I was seeing their name all over LinkedIn and Google during my job search and was immediately impressed with how relevant the company is with spreading the word of their offerings. They had such a wide reach and really left the door open for anyone searching for a career in the mountains to get the information they need. It was large, positive  community that I wanted to be a part of!

Have you lived and worked in the mountains before? What are you most excited about? What are you nervous about?

I have never lived in the mountains before, although I’ve spent hours driving up to them in California just for a day trip. I am most excited about the endless possibilities of sports I get to try, especially improving my rock climbing and snowboarding skills, while meeting like-minded people who enjoy the same. I am nervous about getting used to the cold, especially after living in the Hawaii sun the past year!

How has Mountain Careers helped you find your dream job??

Aryn and Caleb’s banter made the conversation feel open and honest so I could really get a feel for what the team was like and creating a new life in the mountains. 

Mountain Careers set up an amazing, productive webinar with Aspen Skiing Co as the speaker and it was just what I needed when researching all about jobs and living in the mountains.

Learn more about working at Aspen Skiing Company here.

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