What Mountain Town Recruiters Want You To Know

Advice from Aspen Skiing Company’s Talent Team

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Aspen Ski Company talent team shares their personal insights to building a life and career in the mountains?

“The sacrifices you may have to make to live here are totally different than the sacrifices you'd make living in a city; Never forget that everything is a trade-off, obviously for career path and friendship groups.”


“Stay open-minded, and don't set yourself up with any expectations about what your life is going to look like (your living situation, your commute, your ski-in ski-out villa, etc)..”


“The two bigger challenges that come to mind is creating a network of friends and the expensive side of Aspen. Both can be overcome. Friends, you just have to get out and get involved, personally skiing 100-day season was a great way to meet people. I had new friends who wanted to come along for the journey, sharing a chair lift or a happy hour drink. Budget - knowing where to go and hang out! You're going to want to find the locals' options where you'll be able to spend more than an hour, without worrying about the bill."


Meet the talent team (aka recruiters)

Connect with them on LinkedIn, their respective profile links are: Caleb SampleMichael McGleamMikala FordTanya MilelliWendy WaltersClaudia CraigRoss HastingsMichelle TsouConnor McGimsey

You can also email the team at talentacquisition@aspensnowmass.com.

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What’s one common myth you’d love to debunk about building a career in the mountains?

“That it can't be done. The narrative surrounding working in the mountains is that it is not sustainable and that in choosing to work in the mountains you somehow have to give up your career goals. I think the path becomes a little more unclear and a lot windier, and you are forced to rethink what you value and how you define success, but it's totally doable. Throw out the preconceived notions and recognize that your journey is your own. You probably won't find that nice roadmap or replicable pathway, but that just makes it more fun.”


“Most people are not even aware that their next job is attainable at Aspen Skiing Company. Confidence and the right skill set/education can get you nearly anywhere up here, you just have to talk to us.”


“I would debunk the myth that you can only find a guest-facing job in the mountains. While it is true that most jobs in operations are guest-facing, there are many jobs that allow for more behind-the-scenes work and managerial-type positions.”


What would you tell job seekers they need to focus on when they’re pursuing opportunities with Aspen Skiing Company?

"Focus on your interest, and what will get you excited to start your day. Be authentic. If there's something you're interested in, just ask! Communication is key."


"Outline your "Why" - what is the greater purpose you're trying to achieve? 2) Seek to connect with someone who is currently working in your dream job. 3) Never be shy to speak to your goals and opportunities; you never know who will be listening."


Advice from the team

When your city skyline is replaced with mountains you gain access to unlimited outdoor adventures, a tight-knit community, and a natural camaraderie with others.

The mountains are a great place for everything from exercise to meditation.

You learn very quickly how far you can actually push yourself, how to adapt to a constantly changing environment, and how to really appreciate the small things. 

Start saving as soon as you can!

The mountains are a great place to manage physical, mental, and emotional stressors.

Having a career that is stimulating while also being rewarding, brings me peace and balance in my life - this is my success

Ski breaks keep people happy, happy people do good work.

A lot of my grit and passion come from loving being in the mountains and skiing.

Nothing tests us and gives us perspective like the mountains.

The people. Most of us come from all around the country and world. There's something special that brings us all here and connects us to these mountains. Kindred Spirits

Ready to learn more?

Tuesday June 7, 2022 at 5:30pm

Mountain Careers is partnering with Caleb Sample, Head of Talent Acquisition at Aspen Skiing Company, to bring you an hour of real talk about building your dream career in a renowned mountain town. 

Some people move to the mountains expecting it to be a dream but realize there are often challenges and struggles involved.