Hyperbaric Technician

Salary: $22-$28/hour
Job Type: Full Time
Location: Vail Valley, CO
Publish Date: Posted November 18, 2022

The Hyperbaric Technician administers hyperbaric oxygen therapy and diagnostic testing to patients under the direction of a physician.  The hyperbaric technician is expected to deliver the hyperbaric therapy safely and effectively while contributing to an environment that promotes the healing and well-being of patients.

Responsible for safe and effective operation of the hyperbaric chambers and related support systems and equipment.
Performs hyperbaric chamber and ancillary equipment operations and system maintenance as required.
Provides a caring environment at the facilities that encompass a patient first philosophy.
Accountable for the safe delivery of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to the hyperbaric patient throughout all aspects of care.
Supports onboarding of new team members and precepts as applicable.
Quality Achievement includes adherence to clinical documentation guidelines, comprehension of outcomes data, engagement in performance improvement activities and commitment to standard work.
Innovation is demonstrated by the application of technologies and methods that support patient care, actively seeking to implement evidence-based practice and new knowledge generated by hyperbaric medicine.
Other duties as assigned that are within scope of practice

Job Benefits

  • Health Insurance
  • Mental Health Resources
  • Retention Bonuses
  • Retirement

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